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Weatherwell Aluminium Outdoor Shutters

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Manufactured in China

Affordable & Durable

Stylish simplicity never goes out of fashion. With clean lines and simple, effective engineering, outdoor shutters are both functional and beautiful. Aluminium shutters provide strength and durability to the original plantation shutter design. This makes them a stylishly sturdy option for high-traffic areas around the home, office or business. Weatherwell Aluminium Outdoor Shutters also solve the issues with privacy or protection from the elements outdoors. Our Weatherwell Aluminium Outdoor Shutters transform balconies, patios, and BBQ areas, making stylish entertaining spaces fit for year-round enjoyment.

Weatherwell External Aluminium Shutters Transforms The Hampton's style Home

Why Choose Weatherwell Aluminium Outdoor Shutters?

  • Sun Block, High Wind Block, & Rain Block.

  • Privacy You Need.

  • Hard Wearing Aluminium & Stainless Steel to Withstand Punishment.

  • Massive Size Panels: Up to 1500mm wide by 3400mm high Per Panel.

  • Four Popular Matt Powder Coat Colours.

  • Premium & Custom Powder Coat Colour Available.

  • Thicker Gauge Marine-Grade Aluminium Used for Strength and Security.

  • Independently Tested: Withstand a C2 Cyclone.

  • 10 Year Structural Warranty.

  • Made to Order with Custom Configurations Available.


Outstanding Features

Weatherwell Aluminium Outdoor Shutters include many great features that you'll love.

  • Maximum light & view. Weatherwell Shutters has the largest single panel expanse reaching up to 1500mm wide in a fixed or sliding setup, without compromising any of the structural integrity of the shutter.

  • 114mm blades are the standard, giving minimal lost of view. Also available are 89mm and 64mm blades.

  • Made using superior 1.4mm gauge, marine-grade aluminium with reinforced joints. Blade end caps are aluminium, not PVC like most. All screws are stainless steel.

  • Super strong & durable. A maximum size panel in Weatherwell shutters have been independently tested to withstand sustained winds up to 117km/hr and gusts up to 164km/hr. The Illawarra, South Coast and Highlands don't get winds that strong!

  • Superior finish. Available matt powder coat finish is highly durable and is very resistant to scratches and blemishes.

  • Available in hinged Z frame, hinged L frame, fixed in u-channel, sliding or bi-fold.

Green Tick of Approval

Quality Product that’s Made to Last

With minimal maintenance required, our powder coated aluminium shutters are designed to stand up to the elements. Not just for outdoors, Weatherwell is also the perfect solution for high traffic and wet areas inside the home.


Every single Weatherwell Aluminium External Shutter comes with a 10-year structural warranty in addition to the powder coat finish that will be warranted for 10 years*. Every one of these shutters are custom-made in order to fit any kind of door or window and precisely fitted by us. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of styles, including hinged, fixed, bi-fold as well as sliding.

These shutters have been independently Wind Pressure Tested on a maximum size panel to N4 (Non-Cyclonic) & C2 (Cyclonic) winds. That's sustained winds of 89-117km/hr and gusts of 125-164km/hr.




Powder Coat

Wood Grain



Installation Types

Weatherwell Aluminium Outdoor Shutters is custom made in a range of flexible installation methods including, fixed panels, bi-folds, traditional shutter hinged, and sliding.


The most common and cost effective installation method is Fixed Panel. In generally, the panels are held in place by a u-channel on top and bottom, plus the sides whenever possible. This method also allows each panel to be up to 1500mm wide and 3400mm high. 


Traditional Hinged


Fixed Panel





Great Range of Colours or Go Custom

Our selection of standard colors includes White, Pearl, Silver, and Black, each finished with a satin 40% sheen. Additionally, we offer the warm tones of Golden Oak and the rich texture of Textured Walnut woodgrain wraps. If our standard color range doesn't align with your vision, you have the option to request a Premium color or even a custom hue based on a provided sample. Your customization options are truly limitless.


Easy to Clean

Maintaining Weatherwell Aluminum Outdoor Shutters is a breeze. Simply wipe them down using a gentle solution of warm, soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth or sponge. If you prefer, you can also use a garden hose while adhering to the same principles. After rinsing with the garden hose, wait for the shutters to dry, and consider applying a touch of silicone spray to any moving components. This straightforward routine will keep your shutters looking pristine for years to come. For a comprehensive cleaning guide, refer to the instructions provided with your warranty card upon installation.

The frequency of cleaning may vary depending on your location. In some areas, cleaning every 6 months will suffice, while premises near coastal or saltwater environments will necessitate more frequent attention.

Easy Clean Man in Gloves

Made to Order...
Not Order What's Made!

The convenience of a quick purchase from a local store may be enticing, especially when you're eager to complete a job promptly. However, these off-the-shelf solutions often fall short in quality and proper fit, not to mention the additional labour and knowledge you need to have to install them. Hindsight can leave you wishing you had invested in a more enduring choice from the start.

At Enhance Shutters & Blinds, we take a different approach. Our shutters are meticulously crafted to order, meaning there are no 'standard size' options readily available. We take precise measurements for every opening, ensuring that all our shutters and blinds are custom-made to provide a flawless fit. If you need guidance to determine the best solution for your needs, don't hesitate to contact us. We're always ready to assist, without any obligation on your part.

Weatherwell Aluminium Outdoor Shutters Gallery

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