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Vertical Blinds

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A Classic Option

At Enhance Shutters & Blinds our vertical blinds are ideal for both residential and commercial environments. They will give your home, office or business a modern aesthetic while at the same time provide efficient protection for both you and your indoor fabrics from the sun.

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Why Choose my Vertical Blinds?

My Vertical Blinds are manufactured in Australia using quality components and fabrics. I offer modern day slimline blades, chainless bottoms with sewn-in weights, and wand operation. 

  • Australian made.

  • I only source fabrics from the very best fabric houses – Texstyle and Shaw Fabrics.

  • Durable fabrics that require little maintenance.

  • Bottom weights are ‘sewn-in’ at no extra charge.

  • Option of either cord and chain operated or wand operated.

  • Reduction in energy costs by minimizing the strain on heating and air conditioning.

  • Maximum width is 4000mm per vertical blind.

  • 2 Year Warranty.


About Vertical Blinds

At Enhance Shutters & Blinds my Vertical Blinds are ideal for both residential and commercial environments. They will give your home, office or business a modern aesthetic while at the same time provide efficient protection for both you and your indoor fabrics from the sun.

Vertical Blinds are able to provide light and privacy control by the ability to rotate blades through 180°, or set them at any angle in between. You have an option of using either 89mm wide blade for that more streamline look or the larger standard 127mm wide blades.

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Blades- 89mm or 127mm

We have a choice of light filter and blockout fabrics. All vertical fabrics are offered in an 89mm or 127mm blade width. For aesthetic appeal, we recommend the 89mm blade size for all openings.


Each blade is supplied as standard with a PVC bottom weight, provided as a chainless system. This program also offers a ‘sewn in’ pocket system, effectively hiding a metal bottom weight within the fabric, instead of the visible chainless bottom weight.

Vertical-Blinds-89mm-Blades photo


The five available track colours are White, Ivory, Beige, Black and Grey. With a track dimension of 26mm high x 50mm deep, this slimline track will minimise hardware visibility while maximising light control.

The option to use a fabric insert in the track combined with clear carrier hooks make this track as inconspicuous as possible for a vertical blind.

Vertical_Blind-Track-Wand photo

Control Options

Several draw and control options are available to suit a variety of window or door layouts. Vertical Blinds can be cord and chain operated or wand operated, and are a practical option for large sliding doors. The wand option is by far the most common control method.

Verticals-Cord-Control-Options diagram
Verticals-Wand-Control-Options diagram


A variety of pelmet options ensures the right look can always be achieved.


A flat 127mm high Aluminium Pelmet is available in two colours: White and Beige. It can only be supplied including a fabric insert, and has a unique rounded corner where returns are used.


A curved PVC Pelmet is available in three colours – White, Ivory or Black. It can be supplied with or without a fabric insert and is available in two different sizes: 98mm and 140mm high.

For both pelmet systems, returns will be supplied for all outside mount blinds. The returns will finish flush with the back of the outside mount installation brackets.

Vertical-Blind-PVC-Pelmet photo
Pelmet-PVC-Fabric-Insert-Grey photo

Quality Product that’s Made to Last

My Vertical Blinds are made using the very best industry components and fabrics. This means you can expect to receive many years of trouble free operations from my roller blinds. To back this up, my roller blinds are covered by a 2 year warranty on everything from the hardware and components, to the installation.






Things To Know

Like most things in life, not everything is perfect with Vertical Blinds. Below are a few things to consider when selecting vertical blinds.

Light Gaps

Reveal Fit: The fabric on the Vertical Blind will have a small gap in each side and this is normal. In addition, a light gap below the fabric will also be present. In most situations the frame around the window glass will provide privacy and some light block.

Face Fit: When possible, the Vertical Blind will be approximately 100mm wider than the opening it is covering. This provides the best privacy and light block.

In addition, vertical blinds will have some light penetration between the blades when in the closed position. This is normal and nothing can be done to stop this.

Blade Swing

As part of the modernizing of vertical blinds, they no longer have the connector chain on the bottom of the blades. This was a pet hate for most people. Unfortunately the by-product of removing the chains is that the blades swing back and forth for an extended time period.

Easy to Clean

Every fabric has it's own cleaning process. You will find this on the specifications sheet from the fabric manufacturer. If you don't have this please ask before trying to clean the fabric. 


Basic cleaning instructions for all fabrics: Surface dust should be removed using a vacuum cleaner with a 'clean' brush attachment, or a feather duster. Never use abrasive products or solvent/industrial based cleaners on any fabric.

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