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Product Comparison

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Are you a Bit Confused?

Never fear, I'm here to help. Below you'll find a comparison table to help work out what's different about each product.

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Need help deciding?

The below table details the basic differences between each plantation shutter on offer. It doesn't include everything as the table would be massive, but it does include the most common features of each product. The majority of clients base their decision on the below information. If you're still unsure, that's why I'm hear. Contact me and I'd be happy to point you in the correct direction.


Overall Price Comparision

The below chart displays the price comparison between each product. Clearly there is a large difference between roller blinds or vertical blinds, when comparing them to plantation shutters.

In the plantation shutter space, HP Poly PVC are the lowest price, followed by HP Avenir Aluminium, HP Painted Timber, Thermalite, and the most expensive being HP Stained Timber. Weatherwell is in a category of it's own as it's an external shutter. The choice of what product best suits you comes down to your budget and what features you want and value.

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