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Thermalite Plantation Shutters

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Why Choose Thermalite Plantation Shutters?

Illawarra's Exclusive
Thermalite Agent

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  • Australian Made.

  • Insulates 3 times greater than timber & reduces energy costs.

  • Made from non-toxic, recycled materials.

  • Water Resistant.

  • Will never crack, warp, shrink or discolour. Termite proof.

  • Exclusive and patented Ultraclear mechanism.

  • Looks and feels like timber.

  • 25 Year Transferable Warranty.

  • Flame retardant.

  • Clean with soapy water.

  • Energy efficient- windows are typically responsible for 25%-50% of energy used for heading and cooling.

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Discover why Aussie made Thermalite is Australia's best

Exclusively offered by Enhance Shutters & Blinds in the Illawarra. This superior shutter made from exclusive and unique non-toxic Thermalite material. Don't be confused, this isn't PVC! Read below to discover how this unique product is superior to all others.
It's also Australian made with a massive 25 Year Structural Warranty.


Australian Made

Our exclusive Thermalite Plantation Shutters are Australian-manufactured and certified. The factory, equipped with industry specific state of the art equipment has been producing plantation shutters since 1984. The factory originally supplied high quality cedar plantation shutters before introducing Thermalite Plantation Shutters. This soon became the exclusive product being manufactured due to it being vastly superior to everything else on the market. The factory is located in Queensland, Australia.

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Outstanding Features

Thermalite Plantation Shutters include many high end features as well as some that are patented.

  • The blades rotate using the patented Ultraclear Mechanism that’s hidden inside the stile and means no more unsightly connector rods. More about that below.

  • They will never crack, warp, shrink or discolour.

  • They are water and weather resistant (great for bathrooms).

  • They are flame retardant and termite proof.

  • They insulate 3 times greater than timber and approximately twice as good as PVC.

  • Dents can be warmed out. This is a unique feature not available in any other plantation shutter.

  • Made from non-toxic recycled material. More about this below.

  • Looks and feels like timber.

  • The louvre's (blades) include an aluminium reinforcing rod concealed inside the blade.

  • White hinges standard, stainless steel hinges also available.

  • Available in hinged Z frame, hinges L frame, fixed in u-channel, sliding or bi-fold.

  • Bay windows and corner windows available.

  • Custom shapes can also be ordered.

  • Available in 64mm and 90mm blades only.

Green Tick of Approval Badge

Environmentally Friendly Using Non-toxic Recycled Materials

Thermalite Plantation Shutters is the look and feel of wood with several major advantages. Thermalite is the GREEN CHOICE. It’s the only 100% synthetic material that looks and feels exactly like timber. Thermalite is a solid non toxic polymer foam and is a ‘by-product’ of natural gas – no natural resources (including trees) are destroyed in the manufacturing of this product and unlike vinyl/PVC it contains no toxic ingredients. It is also more friendly to the environment, using less resources in production, and does not break down into toxic chemicals when they are disposed of.

Thermalite is also tested and proven via independent testing carried out by the National Association of Home Builders Centre (U.S). In that testing it showed that the R factor for Thermalite is nearly three times that of timber. This means that, compared to timber, it takes nearly three times the amount of energy applied to one side of a piece of Thermalite to raise the temperature on the other side one degree centigrade. To be specific, the R factor for PVC is R2.18, while the R factor for Thermalite is R6.1 (U.S imperial statistics).


Quality Product that’s Made to Last

Every single Thermalite Plantation Shutter comes with a structural 25-year transferable warranty in addition to the paint finish that will be warranted for 5 years against yellowing, cracking or peeling. Every one of these shutters are custom-made in order to fit any kind of door or window and precisely fitted by us. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of styles, including hinged, fixed, bi-fold as well as sliding.






Installation Types

Thermalite Plantation Shutters is custom made in a range of flexible installation methods including, fixed panels, bi-folds, traditional shutter hinged, and sliding.


The most common and cost effective installation method is Traditional Hinged in Z-frame. By using this method it hides the gaps on openings that are out-of-square and/or out-of-shape. In addition, it also brings the panels closer into the room meaning you don't need as deep a reveal to fit Thermalite Plantation Shutters.  The reveal depth required on a 90mm blade using Z-frame is 55mm, and 70mm using L-frame.

Traditional Hinged Setup Diagram

Traditional Hinged

Fixed Panel Setup Diagram

Fixed Panel

sliding setup diagram


bi-fold setup diagram


Great Range of Colours or Go Custom

Available in two shades of white. Bright White is ideal for matching to whites and greys, where Off White is a warmer white that is suitable to creams.

Thermalite Colour Swatch

UltraClear Mechanism & Elliptical Louvres

The louvres (blades) rotate using the patented Ultraclear Mechanism that’s hidden inside the stile and that means no more unsightly connector rods that most manufacturers use as standard. Basically, this is a unique system that uses a hidden gearing system that allow the blades to rotate together. This is very important, as the weakest and most likely part to fail on a plantation shutter is the screw used to connect the connector rod! In addition, the shutters also feature elliptical louvres that have a hidden reinforced aluminium core.

Ultraclear Patented Mechanism

Easy to Clean

Thermalite Shutters are incredibly low-maintenance. A gentle dusting with a feather duster is usually sufficient, given that each meter contains around twelve 90mm blades, allowing most panels to be cleaned in under a minute. In case of more stubborn dirt and grime, a solution of warm, soapy water with mild dishwashing detergent can be applied using a microfiber cloth, ensuring that your shutters retain their stunning appearance for many years.

Easy Clean Man in Gloves

Made to Order...
Not Order What's Made!

The convenience of a quick purchase from a local store may be enticing, especially when you're eager to complete a job promptly. However, these off-the-shelf solutions often fall short in quality and proper fit, not to mention the additional labour and knowledge you need to have to install them. Hindsight can leave you wishing you had invested in a more enduring choice from the start.

At Enhance Shutters & Blinds, we take a different approach. Our shutters are meticulously crafted to order, meaning there are no 'standard size' options readily available. We take precise measurements for every opening, ensuring that all our shutters and blinds are custom-made to provide a flawless fit. If you need guidance to determine the best solution for your needs, don't hesitate to contact us. We're always ready to assist, without any obligation on your part.

Thermalite Plantation Shutters Gallery

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