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Repairs: Shutter Blades

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Limited Shutter Repair Service!

Do you have some broken or damaged blades on your plantation shutters, damaged tilt rods, or hardware?

Unsure of the original seller or finding a business willing to mend them can be a daunting task. It becomes even more challenging when the product was initially obtained from a company unwilling to help.

At Enhance Shutters and Blinds, we extend a repair service, albeit with some limitations, covering most brands of plantation shutters.

Why is it termed a 'Limited' Repair Service, you may wonder? The reason is rather straightforward—each manufacturer utilizes distinct components and construction methods for their panels. This diversity makes it quite intricate, and in certain cases, nearly impossible to source the necessary parts for repairing specific aspects of a shutter panel. Therefore, my expertise focuses on the repair or replacement of blades and tilt rods, while also offering the option to replace hardware components such as hinges and magnets.


Limitations and Expectations

For most individuals, the mended panel will appear indistinguishable from an undamaged one. However, those with a discerning eye may notice subtle disparities.

What differences can you anticipate? When replacing components on older plantation shutters, it's important to set realistic expectations. You might observe a slight variance in colour due to the fading of the original panel or variations in the shade of white between the replacement and the original manufacturer's finish. Additionally, there could be a rare occurrence where the blade profile differs slightly, although this is exceedingly uncommon. In the event that the tilt rod requires replacement, it may have a somewhat different shape than the original, but this alteration typically goes unnoticed because it's situated at the rear of the panel.

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What's the bottom line? In most cases, the blades will be swapped out and continue to function just as they did previously. The vast majority of individuals, especially those unaware of the repairs, will be unable to discern any changes to the blades.

Pricing and Success

Please be aware that in the event of an on-site visit, there will be a call-out fee applied, regardless of whether a repair is feasible or not. To avoid incurring this fee for non-repairable issues, it's advisable to share photographs in advance. This allows me to make an initial assessment based on the images and your description, enabling me to bring the necessary items, such as spare blades, tilt rods, and hardware. It's important to note that accurately matching the shade of white through photos is quite challenging, so I stock a standard bright white, which suits approximately 95% of my new sales and is typically suitable. If an exact colour match is required, specialized blades must be ordered, which can take up to 8 weeks and incur additional costs. In addition to the call-out fee, you'll also be billed at an hourly rate, along with any parts used.


As a general rule, I have a high success rate, successfully repairing or replacing at least 90% of damaged or broken blades, consistently leaving clients highly satisfied with the results.


Mobile Workshop to Save You Money

My large modern van is fitted out as a mobile workshop and is your on-the-go solution for quick, efficient, and convenient service. This time-saving mobile workshop offers a streamlined convenience and ultimately reduces cost to you.


My well equipped, on-the-move workshop brings expert services right to your doorstep, reducing the need for time-consuming trips that ultimately cost you money. Whether you're in need of quick repairs, custom installations, or routine maintenance, I have all the necessary tools and expertise on hand to get the job done efficiently. I understand the value of your time, and my mobile workshop is designed to make your life easier by ensuring that my work is completed promptly and hassle-free. With my time-saving mobile workshop, you can count on efficient cost-effective service without sacrificing your valuable time.

Timeframe for Repairs

The timeframe for repairing plantation shutters can vary based on several factors, including the nature of the damage, the availability of replacement parts, and the complexity of the repair. In most cases, minor repairs that don't need parts to be ordered, such as replacing individual blades or tilt rods, can often be completed within a relatively short timeframe, typically in a matter of hours. However, more extensive repairs that require parts to be ordered, may take longer, ranging from several days to a few months. It's essential to consult with a professional to assess the specific repair needs and to get a more accurate estimate of the repair timeframe for your plantation shutters.

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