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HP Avenir Aluminium Internal Shutters

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Why Choose HP Avenir Aluminium Internal Shutters?

  • Made from hard wearing aluminium to withstand the hardest punishment.

  • Has the widest single panel width in the industry.

  • Six popular matt powder coat colours available.

  • Also available in custom powder coat colour of your choice.

  • Slimline and modern look.

  • Tight louvre closure.

  • Energy efficient- windows are typically responsible for 25%-50% of energy used for heading and cooling.

  • 25 Year structural warranty.

  • Can be installed in wet areas.

Manufactured in China

HP Avenir Aluminium Shutter Lounge Room photo

Discover why HP Avenir Aluminium Internal Shutters Are The Right Choice!

HP Avenir combine ingenuity, innovation and style. Made from Aluminium, it's the most durable shutter in the industry with great features. It also has the widest single panel width in the industry.

Includes an impressive 25 Year Structural Warranty.


Outstanding Features

HP Avenir Aluminium Internal Shutters include many great features that you'll love.

  • Maximum light & view. HP Avenir Aluminium Internal Shutters has the largest single panel expanse reaching up to 1100mm wide, without compromising any of the structural integrity of the shutter.

  • Made using 99% aluminium, with the rest stainless steel and PVC.

  • Superior finish. The matt powder coat finish is highly durable, VOC free (Volatile Organic Compounds or harmful chemicals) and is very resistant to scratches and blemishes.

  • Strong & durable. Aluminium is inherently stronger and more durable than timber, PVC or Thermalite, making Avenir the ultimate choice for withstanding the wear and tear of everyday living.

  • Available in hinged Z frame, hinged L frame, fixed in u-channel, sliding or bi-fold.

  • Available in 89mm blades only.

Green Tick of Approval

Quality Product that’s Made to Last

Every single HP Avenir Aluminium Internal Shutter comes with a 25-year structural warranty in addition to the powder coat finish that will be warranted for 10 years. Every one of these shutters are custom-made in order to fit any kind of door or window and precisely fitted by us. Moreover, you can choose from a variety of styles, including hinged, fixed, bi-fold as well as sliding.




Powder Coat

Custom Finish


Installation Types

HP Avenir Aluminium Internal Shutters is custom made in a range of flexible installation methods including, fixed panels, bi-folds, traditional shutter hinged, and sliding.

The most common and cost effective installation method is Traditional Hinged in Z-frame. By using this method it hides the gaps on openings that are out-of-square and/or out-of-shape. In addition, it also brings the panels closer into the room meaning you don't need as deep a reveal to fit HP Avenir Aluminium Internal Shutters.  The reveal depth required on a 89mm blade using Z-frame is 67mm, and 67mm using L-frame.

traditional hinged setup diagram

Traditional Hinged

fixed panel setup diagram

Fixed Panel

sliding setup diagram


bi-fold setup diagram


Great Range of Colours or Go Custom

Available in six colours to suit virtually any location. It’s available from whites, into greys and finally black, to compliment existing decor. If we don't have the colour you looking for, you may request a custom paint colour. 

shutter-avenir-colours swatch

Easy to Clean

HP Avenir Aluminium Internal Shutters are incredibly low-maintenance. A gentle dusting with a feather duster is usually sufficient, given that each meter contains around twelve 90mm blades, allowing most panels to be cleaned in under a minute. In case of more stubborn dirt and grime, a solution of warm, soapy water with mild dishwashing detergent can be applied using a microfiber cloth, ensuring that your shutters retain their stunning appearance for many years.

Easy Clean Man in Gloves

Made to Order...
Not Order What's Made!

The convenience of a quick purchase from a local store may be enticing, especially when you're eager to complete a job promptly. However, these off-the-shelf solutions often fall short in quality and proper fit, not to mention the additional labour and knowledge you need to have to install them. Hindsight can leave you wishing you had invested in a more enduring choice from the start.

At Enhance Shutters & Blinds, we take a different approach. Our shutters are meticulously crafted to order, meaning there are no 'standard size' options readily available. We take precise measurements for every opening, ensuring that all our shutters and blinds are custom-made to provide a flawless fit. If you need guidance to determine the best solution for your needs, don't hesitate to contact us. We're always ready to assist, without any obligation on your part.

HP Avenir Aluminium Internal Shutters Gallery

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