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Premium Roller Blinds

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Style & Functionality

My interior roller blinds embody style and functionality for the modern-day home. With varying degrees of light filter from sheer to light filter to complete blackout, my Roller Blinds allows you to block the harsh sun or embrace the beauty of a sun-washed living space.


My fabrics used are UV treated, fade resistant, and include energy efficient choices that give you better control of your energy costs.


All my Roller Blinds are Custom made in the New South Wales manufacturing plant, my Roller Blinds are made to order and built to last.

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Why Choose my Roller Blinds?

Put simply, I used the best components being Acmeda and the best fabric houses... therefore you get a high quality product the first time and it lasts. No cheap chains that fail, no mechanisms that fail, or even fabric that yellows!


It's common industry practice to quote the cheapest price first to win the job... and pile on the optional BUT essential extras later! I quote you based on what's required for each blind to operate smoothly and correctly as a minimum. From me, you get the best quality custom made roller blinds installed by a professional.

  • Australian made.

  • I only source fabrics from the very best fabric houses – Texstyle and Shaw Fabrics.

  • Durable fabrics that require little maintenance.

  • Different light control options available.

  • Only high end componentry sourced from leading manufacturer Acmeda is used.

  • Motorisation using Australia's best hardware.

  • Day / Night Roller Blinds.

  • Roller Blinds are the most cost effective option for window furnishing. 

  • Reduction in energy costs by minimizing the strain on heating and air conditioning.

  • Maximum width is 3000mm per roller blind.

  • 5 Year Warranty.


About Roller Blinds

My roller blinds are stylish and versatile. They are available in both chain and motorised systems, and I can make them independent or multi-linked to suit any situation or configuration. Whatever you prefer, from single to dual roller blinds, small windows to floor length, I have the window solution you desire.

At Enhance Shutters & Blinds, my blinds allow you to effortlessly control light and shade with a range of versatile fabrics from 100% block-out designs that darken your room, to sheer fabrics that enable you to embrace the beauty of a sun-dappled living space. My fabrics are also UV treated, meaning they’re energy efficient and able to withstand Australia’s ever-changing weather by providing cosy insulation or a cooling airflow when needed. I supply and fit the following blinds:

  • Light-filtering

  • Sheer Fabrics

  • Block-out

  • Sunscreen

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World Leading Acmeda Componentry

The weakest point on any roller blind is the hardware.
'Always insist on the best... Acmeda'

Designed with innovation in mind, Acmeda componentry offers superior performance backed by patented technology with interchangeable components that perfectly suit roller blind manufacturing. A global force in the industry, Acmeda’s designs are at the cutting edge of window furnishing trends and combine extensive functionality with versatile aesthetics. From compact systems to commercial applications, Acmeda componentry includes a range of control mechanisms, track configurations and mounting options in a great selection of inspiring colours.

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Basic Fitting Options

Roller Blinds have many options. Below are some of the basic but important options to consider. Some of these will be your personal choice, while others will be determined by the opening they are being fitted into.

Generally and where possible, living areas are Reveal Fit and Front Roll with all fabric types (screen, light filter and block-out). Bedrooms are normally Face Fit, Back Roll and block-out fabric so it makes the room as dark as possible for sleeping. 

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Face Fit or Reveal Fit

Basically, will the roller blind be fitted inside the reveal, or will it be fitted to the front of the reveal? In general, for living areas we prefer to fit inside the reveal when possible, but this isn't always possible due to a lack of reveal depth, or something in the way. In bedrooms we prefer to install on the face of the reveal and back roll the fabric as this reduces the amount and direction of the light penetrating the room.


Back Roll Commonly Used

Front Roll Commonly Used

Front Roll Or Back Roll

Simply put, the fabric rolls off the back of the blind in a back roll, whereas the fabric rolls off the front of the blind in a front roll. Generally, I prefer to use front roll when possible as you don't see the top of the roller blind so it looks nicer. On a face fit it's sometimes better to keep the fabric closer to the wall/architrave to reduce the light gap therefore I do a back roll.


Dual Roller Blinds

Dual Roller Blinds are sometimes referred to as day & night roller blinds, but this is incorrect terminology... who cares!


Dual roller blinds is two blinds back and front (not side-by-side). A screen or sheer roller blind is in front of a block-out roller blind. During the day, the sheer blind gives you privacy but still a view outside and at night the block-out is lowered to give you full privacy. Works well but you need to have depth in your reveal to fit it well!


Linked Roller Blinds

Linked roller blinds are multiple blinds that are linked side-by-side. There is no limit to how many can be linked, although linked roller blinds do have restrictions! Roller blinds are recommended to be linked using a special Acmeda Easy-link bracket and mechanisms. By using the Easy-link system you reduce the gap between the fabric of the two blinds, plus you have the option to drive multiple blinds from one primary blind. This can be very useful in motorised roller blinds. It is also possible to use standard brackets back-to-back to reduce the cost.

Why link roller blinds? The maximum width of a single roller blind is 3000mm (3m). If an opening is greater than 3000mm, we need to use multiple blinds to cover the span. In addition, some openings like sliding doors, are better covered by using multiple blinds. Finally, many roller blinds over 2400mm wide are big & heavy, and can have other issues, so splitting these blinds can sometimes be a better option. This is something that Enhance Shutters & Blinds with discuss with you if required.

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Triple-Roller-Blind-Linked photo


Motorised roller blinds have come a long way in quality and price and is now very common. The most common way to motorise roller blinds is using Li-ion battery powered motors that need no wires and takes up no room.


Just image, you can press one remote control button in the morning and every roller blind in an area will raise at the same time. Of cause, you can also control them individually if desired.


You can buy cheap battery operated motors from lots of places but they WILL fail quickly! My high-quality Acmeda AUTOMATE range includes mechanical limit, electronic limit and wirefree motors with specialised features such as ultra-quiet performance for minimal noise disruption and precision leveled positioning. All motors are complimented with stylish hand held remote controls. These motors are of the highest quality that they come with a fully 5 year warranty on everything... including the battery.

In addition, my Automate Li-ion motors achieve around 400 cycles between charges (a cycle is the blind fully up once and fully down once). If you put them up in the morning and down at night, that's 400 days between charging. Charging takes between 3 to 6 hours. Automate motorisation has so many options, call me to discuss futher.

'Motorisation isn't for everybody, but everybody that has it, loves it'

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Quality Product that’s Made to Last

My Roller Blinds are made using the very best industry components and fabrics. This means you can expect to receive many years of trouble free operations from my roller blinds. To back this up, my roller blinds are covered by a 5 year warranty* on everything from the hardware and components, to the installation.

* Rental and commercial properties are covered by a 2 year warranty on hardware, fabric, and installation.






Things To Know

Like most things in life, not everything is perfect with roller blinds. Below are a few things to consider when selecting roller blinds.

Light Gaps

Reveal Fit: The fabric on the Roller Blind will be around 14-20mm narrower than the ‘bracket to bracket’ size of the blind. In addition, a light gap above the roller blind will also be present. In most situations the frame around the window glass will provide privacy and some light block.

Face Fit: The fabric on the Roller Blind will be around 14-20mm narrower than the ‘bracket to bracket’ size of the blind, but this will normally be in front of the window architrave therefore giving privacy. When combining Face Fit with Back Roll the light gap is generally only around 10mm and the light direction mostly follows the wall.

Linking Blinds: The gap between the fabric of an Easy-Link blind (side-by-side blinds) is 17mm. If standard brackets are used back-to-back (this is a cheaper way of doing it), the gap will be 30-40mm. I always design and recommend the gap to be in front of the window mullion to allow more privacy and light block.

Roller-Blind-Light-Gap photo
Roller-Blind-Face-Fit-Back-Roll photo

Larger Widths Roller Blinds

Roller Blinds with a width over 2400mm can show a degree of fabric 'V'ing. This isn't common and is more likely on blinds that are wider with large drops. This is always more visible and noticeable when viewed from the side.


I use industry leading Acmeda hardware with heavy duty Acmeda aluminium tubes to reduce the likelihood of this happening. It's extremely important that quality hardware is used on roller blinds and this is one of the reasons you shouldn't purchase cheap roller blinds.

Why does V'ing occur? 'V'ing is the result of the tube deflecting in the centre due to the weight of the fabric. Low quality cheap hardware use smaller tubes with thinner wall thickness leading to a much weaker tube! Heavier fabrics have a much larger chance of this happening. Some fabrics show this a lot more than others. Unfortunately 'V'ing is a limitation of roller blinds and unpredictable therefore it is not considered a warranty issue.



Roller Blinds can be susceptible to 'tracking' (fabric rolling off to one side when the blind is raised). This may result in the fabric rolling unevenly and overlapping the end of the tube. If the fabric rubs against the chain it is a major problem and needs fixing urgently to avoid damaging the fabric. Tracking is more common on smaller blinds and one of the causes is the lack of weight in a small blind. When fitted correctly, blinds won't track when I install them. In rare instances, tracking can develop over time. In most circumstances we have methods to eliminate/reduce this from happening. 

Easy to Clean

Every fabric has it's own cleaning process. You will find this on the specifications sheet from the fabric manufacturer. If you don't have this please ask before trying to clean the fabric. 


Basic cleaning instructions for all fabrics: Surface dust should be removed using a vacuum cleaner with a 'clean' brush attachment, or a feather duster. Never use abrasive products or solvent/industrial based cleaners on any fabric.

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